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Policy last updated on 8/29/17.

Cancellation requires a 7-day written notice prior to the start of an event. If done so, event registration will be returned in full, except for a 20% off registration fee. If a player cancels within 7 days of a given event or after an event has already started, half of the remaining prorated event days tuition will be refunded (for example: if a player cancels after two days of an event , 50% of the cost of the remaining days of event will be refunded). If a player is injured and provides a doctor’s note, Baller Academy will refund the remaining classes prorated amount from the time notice is received (make sure to inform Baller Academy about the injury as soon as possible). Baller Academy reserves the right to change or cancel any camp program if conditions warrant. Notification will be provided as early as possible should this be necessary. Baller Academy does not give credit towards future classes/sessions/events. If seventy-five percent or more of the event has been delivered and completed, refunds will not be offered if the event is cancelled due to weather conditions, flooding, or for any reason that would prohibit camp from operating safely.

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