Baller Academy offers an elite training program for serious athletes of all ages and across all major sports. Our elite training program is designed to meet each athlete specific needs while emphasizing on the technical, physical, tactical and mental parts of the game. Nutrition and game analysis also available!  Our clients include top professionals, as well as collegiate and amateur athletes. The professional athletes and coaches at Baller Academy are well equipped to help transfer daily training preparation into game day success.

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Our elite training are conducted in 3 phases

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Please contact Baller Academy for pricing as it varies by instructor, team size and training needs


The Login section of our website is equipped with very special features that help us stay in touch with every single one of our athletes.

The free membership part of our website allows each athlete to post news, game schedules, training reviews, sports calendars, medias and many more contents that can be viewed by the professional athletes and coaches from Baller Academy. This feature allows us to take a glimpse inside our athletes world; Allowing us to connect the athlete to our network of college and professional coaches.

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