Baller Academy team up with Academy Sports and Outdoors to host uniform pick up parties

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Baller Academy hosted a series of uniform pick up parties at Academy Sports and Outdoors and featuring Houston Police Department, and the Police Activities League, Professional Soccer Players and special guests.

“The Baller Academy kids are here to get their uniforms, balls and get all of their stuff for the season,” said Haley Hanson, profesional soccer players and Technical Coordinator of Baller Academy.  Haley Hanson helped pass out uniforms and take pictures with the students and families

Community partner, Jamie Myer enjoyed her time with the kids at the uniform pick up party.

“These kids are some of the most amazing kids you’ll ever want to meet. We all want the Baller Academy and Baller Foundation to be as successful as it can be. And it’s through these partnerships that we can help them achieve their goals,” said Myer. “And in the process, it also helps the children achieve their goals.”

School districts staff also attended the event to support their students.

“Soccer has been a global sport, a global spectacle of the game within itself. It has broadened the horizon for my kids. In the 3rd ward area, we have kids that have never been introduced to the game of soccer before, so I am looking for something they can get involved in and get excited about. Something that will stick with them for life,” said Team Manager of Lockhart Elementary, Paul Queen.

Academy Sports and Outdoors enjoyed hosting the uniform pick up party for Baller Academy and hopes to continue supporting the program in the future.

“Academy Sports and Outdoors is really holding in on making sure everyone has access to funds. With Baller Academy initiative to make sure that every after-school program is towards fun, that’s what we want to be part of. Baller Foundation partnership is important to Academy because it provides access to those who don’t necessarily have it to make sure they have a chance to play a sport we all love,” said Sr. Regional Marketing Specialist of Academy Sports and Outdoors, Chris Woods.


The Baller Academy after-school soccer programs are made possible by a collaboration between participating school districts, the Baller Foundation, and local community partners.

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