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The Baller Academy after-school soccer games provide students with an opportunities to utilize the individual skills that they mastered and have the ability to implement those skills in a team setting when they compete against other participating institutions.

Before each game, students do warm-up techniques with their teammates. Throughout the games, the students are mentored by their coaches.
Family and friends enjoy attending soccer games to support their child.

“I enrolled my son into the Baller Academy program, so he could get the experience of interacting with other kids and learn how to be a team player. My favorite memory about him playing soccer with Baller Academy is that he gets to make life-long friends and learn the game of soccer,” said Mother, Josie Luna.

Students enjoy playing soccer games and are able to show the new skills they learned at practices.

“My favorite thing about soccer with Baller Academy is you get to exercise and practice your skills. My favorite memory is I finally learning how to do high kicks,” said Student, Santiago Garcia.

“My favorite thing about playing soccer with Baller Academy is it is very fun and exciting. And I like playing soccer with my older brother,” said Mathew Asueque.

No matter what the game’s outcome is, good sportsmanship is practiced and every student congratulates each other after every game.

The Baller Academy after-school soccer programs are made possible by a collaboration between participating school districts, the Baller Foundation, and local community partners.

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