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Baller Academy held a uniform pick up party at Walmart #1103. The 2019 uniforms that were revealed at the uniform release party on January 12th are now available to the students in the program.

“It’s a very special day. Some of our students from Spring ISD came to the Walmart store to pick up their full uniforms and soccer balls that they will be using for practices and games,” said CEO, Nathan Kouamou.

The uniform pick up party was hosted by Baller Academy partner, Walmart.

“We are so grateful to have a partner like Walmart. Hosting these events, it shows their support and commitment to the community,” said Kouamou. “And the children enjoy a professional experience.”

Students and families enjoyed picking up the new uniforms and soccer equipment. Snacks and photo-ops were provided for everyone.

“Our favorite part here at the store is being part of the community and we want to give back and support to this program and the kids. I have worked with students of this age before and having a positive role model and having something to do; it gives them great work ethic and creates character,” said Walmart Manager, Tyler Ford.

The Baller Academy after-school soccer programs are made possible by a collaboration between participating school districts, the Baller Foundation, and local community partners.

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